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Jennifer Lawrence in Flare

don’t believe everything you see

what the hell

She looks better not photoshopped ahha

here is the link for that dove video i was gonna send it in an ask but it wouldn’t let me do a link
also here are a billion blogs that you might like

also, just search the tag “crystal renn” hnnngg

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thank you so much! this is perfect!!



to everyone who sent me messages

i didn’t want to spam your dash’s with questions so i’ll just address what most people asked.

a lot of people have said that i post a lot of overweight girls and that is not “healthy.” no, it’s not, but when i first started this blog i couldn’t find too many pictures to post so those were the ones i found that embraced loving your body no matter what the size. doesn’t really go with the title of the blog, so sorry.

also, i’m not saying that skinny girls aren’t healthy. i’m 90 pounds actually, so i’m definitely not discriminating against skinny girls. this blog was started to be a nice break from all of the thinspo blogs out there.

maybe i just have the wrong title for this blog, but for everyone who cares, this blog is about having a healthy body image and appreciating real human bodies, not the photoshopped ones you see in magazines, not the small percentage of “perfect” bodies, but actual, real, normal human bodies. 

i hope that cleared some things up for everyone. 

stay healthy girls, and i appreciate the feedback :]

this is me, just being narcissistic.  i’m pretty damn healthy.

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